COMPUTER CLASSES for 2020 have been cancelled.
Free Computer Classes

Computer Basics - For beginning computer users with little or no prior experience using computers, participants will learn basics about computer hardware such as the CPU, keyboard, mouse, printers, scanners, and other peripheral devices. This is not a typing or keyboarding class.

Introduction to Windows 10 - For those who are interested in learning about the popular computer operating system,  participants will learn how to perform basic computer operations, including using the mouse, launching programs, manipulating windows, working with the desktop, creating folders and saving files. *Prerequisites: “Computer Basics” or equivalent skills.

Introduction to the Internet - This is a beginning class on navigating the Internet. Participants will learn how the Internet works, learn to use web browsers and get an introduction to basic search techniques. *Prerequisites: “Computer Basics” or equivalent skills.

Computer Privacy and Security - An informative course designed to define and explain types of threats to computers. Participants will learn how to identify phishing scams and learn practices and tools that can be used to keep their devices safe. *Prerequisites: “Computer Basics” AND “Introduction to the Internet” or equivalent skills.

 Introduction to the Email - Participants will learn how to compose, send, read, reply to, forward, and delete messages.  Address books/Contacts, e-mail terminology and etiquette will also be discussed. *Prerequisites: "Computer Basics" AND "Introduction to the Internet" or equivalent skills.

Social Media Applications - This class is for those with little or no experience with Social Media Applications. Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube will be areas of focus. Participants will learn basic features such as setting up an account and navigating the application’s website. *Prerequisites: "Computer Basics" AND "Introduction to the Internet" or equivalent skills.

Introduction to Microsoft Word - Teaches participants the fundamentals of word processing using Microsoft Word 2016.  Participants will learn about formatting fonts and text, saving documents, printing, and basic page layout. *Prerequisites: “Computer Basics” AND “Introduction to Windows 10” or equivalent skills.

Introduction to Microsoft Excel - Learn the basics of how to use a spreadsheet program, including how to navigate the environment, enter data, format cells, and perform basic calculations with formulas. *Prerequisites: “Computer Basics” AND “Introduction to Windows 10” or equivalent skills.

Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint - Learn how to create dynamic, computerized slide shows with professional looking templates and animated slide transitions and entrance.effects. *Prerequisites: “Computer Basics” AND “Introduction to Windows 10” or equivalent skills.

Introduction to Microsoft Publisher – Participants in this class will learn about the various applications for which Publisher can be used. Design principles and program features will be applied to create and publish a flyer in class. *Prerequisites: “Computer Basics”, “Introduction to Windows 10,” AND at least one of the other Microsoft Office Programming courses or equivalent skills.

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