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Hilarie's Picks

by Wohlleben, Peter

A fabulous book about TREES! And forests! And how it all works in amazing processes in those forests every day! Rich and beautiful photography that simply takes you to that place in the woods. Wonderfully informative insights from the Tree Whisperer, himself! It'll make a tree hugger out of you... I promise.

by St. James, Simone

Recipe for a great scary read-

Combine: one creepy hotel, two parallel timelines, a small-town setting, some amateur sleuthing, a decades old cold case, a little paranormal suspense and a shivery ghost story; then stir until the spirits come floating out!

Simone St. James had me hooked with this book! A great read for fans of spooky without a lot of gore... it's an old-fashioned kind of scared! BOO!

by Hoover, Colleen

Whose truth is a lie? Are you Team Manuscript or Team Letter? Hoover expertly leads us on a winding trail of lies and manipulation. There's some spicy parts and some violence so proceed with caution if those subjects bother you... it's a wild ride until the end!

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