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Hilarie's Picks

by Dodge, Abigail Johnson

So many wonderful cakes in here! The tiramisu cake, the sour cream espresso cake with vanilla buttercream and my favorite, the crumb cake. Okay... so I don't cook but I DO eat and this book is definitely a cake lover's dream. You could say that it's the "PAN" of my dreams! Looks delicious, smells wonderful, good for my soul, treats me well~ gosh I love my "PAN"!

~Valentine's Month Pick #2- Happy Valentine's Month to you & me & "MY PAN"!

xoxo ~ hilarie c

by Mackesy, Charlie

"A thought-provoking, discussion-worthy story... the book itself is an object of art" -The New York Times

"I long to inhabit [the world] that Charlie Mackesy has created- a world of infinite kindness, wisdom, mutual care and tenderness, and true love between real friends. My prayer is that our world will become more like this one." -Elizabeth Gilbert

"Simply, the world needs Charlie's work right now" - Miranda Hart

"A delightful treat of a book... If there were classes on how to be a good person, this book would be the textbook." -Horse Nation

This sweet little book was all this and more! What a wonderful, unexpected treat it was to read, enjoy and ponder. I hope everyone reads it because everyone SHOULD read it! Bravo, Charlie, bravo.

by Wohlleben, Peter

A fabulous book about TREES! And forests! And how it all works in amazing processes in those forests every day! Rich and beautiful photography that simply takes you to that place in the woods. Wonderfully informative insights from the Tree Whisperer, himself! It'll make a tree hugger out of you... I promise.

by McMahon, Jennifer

No significant other? Sort of wishing you had no significant other? Well, here is a February 14th read for you! Buy yourself a box of chocolates, a bottle of wine and grab yourself a cozy blanket and a copy of this book. Set that mood lighting because this twisty/turny tale of monsters & mysteries will be your new love interest. There are three different story lines and times: the 1950s, the 1980s and 2013. Part family saga, part 1980s horror by way of the 60s, and part homage to Alfred Hitchcock- it's a deliciously dark read. Discover the secrets of the 29th room, the Tower Motel, and the truth about the Night Sister. Jennifer McMahon's plot goes back and forth but ties it all up with a big, bloody Valentine's Day bow at the end!

~Valentine's Month Pick #1- Jennifer McMahon may easily be one of the BEST Valentine's Day dates I've ever had!

xoxo~ hilarie c

by St. James, Simone

Recipe for a great scary read-

Combine: one creepy hotel, two parallel timelines, a small-town setting, some amateur sleuthing, a decades old cold case, a little paranormal suspense and a shivery ghost story; then stir until the spirits come floating out!

Simone St. James had me hooked with this book! A great read for fans of spooky without a lot of gore... it's an old-fashioned kind of scared! BOO!

by Hoover, Colleen

Whose truth is a lie? Are you Team Manuscript or Team Letter? Hoover expertly leads us on a winding trail of lies and manipulation. There's some spicy parts and some violence so proceed with caution if those subjects bother you... it's a wild ride until the end!

by Blizzard, Kristen

I love mushrooms! Both to eat and to look at and this is a wonderful book, full of wonderful mushrooms. So this Valentine's Day, snuggle up with some mushroom coffee, a southern-fried chicken of the woods sandwich (it's a mushroom! recipe on page 113), a cozy blanket and a dream of dark, green forests full of mysterious fluffs of fungus! And lose yourself in the world of heterotrophs!

~Valentines Month Pick #3- Go on a date with any of these "fun-gi's"! You won't regret it in the morning!~

xoxo ~ hilarie c

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