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Suzy's Picks

by Graff, Garrett M.

As you read or listen to this oral history from the perspective of those most affected, you will cry, you will applaud these heroes, you will hold your breath as loved ones search or wait for calls, and you will not regret taking the time to remember what that day was like. I read the audio version through Libby, and the stories and sounds of this audiobook opened my eyes. So many of my memories of 9/11 had been colored by what happened in the years after, but on that Tuesday in September, when first one hijacked plane, then another, then another, and finally another crashed into iconic buildings or a field in Pennsylvania, no one knew what to expect or when the attacks would end. This book returned me to that day as it was, and I strongly recommend this book. Remembering is good, in the way that visiting cemeteries or monuments is good, for remembering and for paying our respect to those who have gone before us.

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